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5 secret tips for selling your property!

Did you know that the simplest food can be given a fancy name with the most basic garnishes and can be made to look like a 5-star dish creatively cooked by a fancy chef!
Simple dal (lentils), if served in a bowl would be far less-appealing than if sprinkled on a mound of rice with some classic squishes dripping over the clear plate, making it look like a painted masterpiece. The difference is in the presentation. Same is the case with your property!

What is important when you sell a property is its price and timelines to be achieved while selling. But in order to achieve these parameters, we need to have some basic things in place, which are often ignored. Since it is a high-valued transaction, it has to be presented and delivered thoughtfully!

Swastik Group is happy to present you the Top 5 secret tips for selling your property:


When you are staging a play, don’t you spend enough time in thinking of the backdrop and how to make the set look? While the costumes of the actors are an important aspect, equally or more important is the backdrop and the setting. Similarly, while selling a property, you need to stage it – which means you need to de-clutter, rearrange, paint, light it up well, with basic refurbishment. Studies say that staging a property enhances the chances of selling it by 70% and the price appreciation is by 3-5%.


When there is a wedding or function in the house, would you rather rely on photos taken on people’s cell phones or call a professional to capture memories for a lifetime! Same is the case while selling a property. Don’t shy away from hiring the services of a PROFESSIONAL photographer. We would like to draw your attention to our focus on the word professional because many feel that they are good photographers.A professional photographer will have some really amazing pictures of the property from various angles. Did you know that by using these pictures, you can share it with the prospective buyers and enhance the possibility of transaction by 20%?


As important the property to be sold, equally critical is its surrounding. The price of the property is defined by the health and state of your society/building, basic infrastructure in the vicinity, community mix in the locality and most importantly, demand–supply ratio


Haven’t we all heard this term – an apple-to-apple comparison! If you are selling your property, compare it to similar properties in the vicinity. You need to find out the sale price of the last 3 transactions of similar properties in the vicinity, and accordingly determine your sale price.


Have you ever gone shopping to the market and asked the local vendor from whom you are buying some clothes – “Dene ka bhaav bolo!” (What is your final price for selling your goods?). Same is the case with your property. Remember that your property price should interest the buyer to visit the property. Remember to have 2 prices for your property -the quoted price and your final price though the difference between can be negligible. These prices decide the duration taken by your property to be sold.

Only a professional consultant like the SWASTIK GROUP can help you achieve the desired price for your properties!

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