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The 3 Mistakes of Property Buyers!

Imagine you have a box of gold! Would you start making ornaments yourself or would you rather approach a jeweler and have him evaluate the quality of the gold, and the designs that it can be molded into and so on! You will leave it to the expert right? Same is the case with your health as well. If you are not feeling well, do you self-diagnose and pop in medicines or do you consult a doctor to find out what is actually wrong with you so that you can take the corrective action immediately?

Remember, it is the same when you plan on buying a property worth lakhs or crores of rupees! You can’t just go blindly with a window-shopping frame of mind, without a consultant on board and purchase anything that looks good. We at Swastik Group are here to give you the best insight and direction, as far as buying a property is concerned.

A study reveals that about 30% property buyers have not been satisfied with the property purchased and about 35% property buyers have improper/incomplete documentation in place. Let us spend some time in understanding the 3 mistakes that home buyers make often.


It is a must to chalk out a thorough checklist covering parameters such as age, budget, square feet area, floor number,house facing, locality, room sizes, amenities and many more, which boils down to your absolute requirement. Having no checklist in place is a blunder and might lead to unplanned buying, resulting inloss of huge amounts of money.


Verification of previous documents, producing the missing ones and executing the current documents to perfection are essentials for buying any property. Our experience says 70% buyers don’t have the knowledge about the documents to be verified.About 50% of property matters in the court in India are due to lack of knowledge with respect to documentation.
Don’t proceed unless all documentation is in place!
And we are there to help you with end-to-end documentation


Have you ever bit into a piping hot vada-pav (Indian burger)? As yummy as it may look or sound, once you bite into it, you realize that the inside is yet raw while the outside cover has been cooked to perfection! Will you enjoy the vada-pav as much? We highly doubt it! Same is the case with buying property. Generally, the driving factor while purchasing property is the Price. And why not? It is after all, hard-earned money that you are putting in, to buy the property. But considering only the price and ignoring other parameters such as location of the property, verifying the credibility of the builder,the community around etc., is sheer short-sightedness. This leads to a half-baked property being purchased which has its repercussions in the future.

So, be wise! Don’t make these mistakes in life. Make the right choice. Choose Swastik Group as your property consultants.

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